“All In” Extended Preview – Trinity Men’s Squash Documentary

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Trinity Football makes SportsCenter Top 10 on 11/10/12

Trinity Sports Network’s own footage made it onto SportsCenter’s Top 10 plays!

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TSN President, Marc DiBenedetto, directing his own documentary film

Marc DiBenedetto, the President of Trinity Sports Network since May of 2011, is currently in the process of directing his own documentary film on the 2012-2013 Trinity Squash Team.  Aside from the cooperation of the Trinity Squash coaching staff and players Mr. DiBenedetto is producing the film entirely on his own.  He will film, direct, and edit the documentary that is expected to range from 50-70 minutes in length.   The film will premiere at the Trinity Film Festival in April of 2013.

TSN Football Highlights @ Wesleyan 11/10/12


Post-Game Reactions: Trinity @ Wesleyan 11/10/12

Bantam War Room 8: Trinity @ Wesleyan 2012

TSN Football Preview @ Wesleyan 11/8/12

TSN Football Highlights vs Amherst 11/3/12

Bantam War Room 7: Trinity vs Amherst 2012

TSN Football Preview vs Amherst 11/1/12

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